Thursday, July 20, 2006

Alright, I'm here. I cannot believe I haven't been killed... its a miracle I got back to this place. You can't possibly believe what I've been through.

Can you believe anything? I am questioning whether this whole thing is an incredibly advanced lucid dream. I mean... how does this stuff happen? Why is this happening?

I'm locked in this house, and there are creatures outside the gate. These things are everywhere! I'm sure, if you are still reading, that you've heard of them, or seen them on the news. The good news is that they're moving slowly from Los Angeles, and with the collapse of air transportation, the virus wasn't able to spread to New York.

I can't believe how horrible all of this is. I... just... can't express it. This doesn't feel real to me. I sometimes laugh at the thought of it. But I look out of my window, into the dark borealis above, and also down the driveway, passed the gate... and watch those things pacing outside of those iron bars. They are waiting there for me. They seem to know something is in here, and they want in, to eat me. Eat me! THOSE THINGS ARE FREAKING TRYING TO EAT ME!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid! Why did you leave? Why DID I LEAVE?! WHERE IS TAYVA AND ANGEL AND SHARON!!? ARE THEY DEAD TOO!?!

Wha... what is going on here? What is going on? You aren't going to leave THE ENTIRE PLANET IN THE DARK, are you, heavenly father? There has to be an answer.


Well, I'm stuck in here as of now. Tereal has disappeared once more, and I've only got a few shells left. What can I do but tell everyone what has happened?

Where'd I leave off?

Oh yes, a week ago, Thursday. The good times. I was fearing for my life, yes, but, not like this. And at least I had others.

Let me calm down for just a second.


So it was Thursday, at about 2:00 pm. We weren't out of food, but we had started to ration food. I, unfortunately, shot one of the sheep. I had the difficult task of gutting that thing which... was not a happy experience. Karol... Karol took over for me after a while, carried that stinking meat to the fireplace, where we had knocked out the wood stove and instead made a fire ring on the solid bricks. We cooked up the mutton over the fire, applied a good amount of salt and pepper, and then, even still... that stuff was just disgusting. Ugh. I nearly threw up, felt like I should throw up any way.

So Tayva and I decided that we needed to go get more food. That meant preparing our pistols, hopping in the good ol' red truck and making it to the Cameron Park shopping center. It was gloriously empty, we didn't see anyone. With our lights off, and guns off of safety, we patrolled the place, looking for a place where we could loot all the food we needed. Neither of us thought that there would be much left, I mean... a week had gone by. The looters probably had picked everything clean.

The shopping center was a mess. Parking lot had more than a couple crashed cars, toppled vans, empty police cars (no guns inside, though) ect. ect. Some kind of battle had gone on here. We didn't care. I located a Mongolian Barbecue, we knocked down the windows (I hated when they shattered, giving away our position to possible enemies), and jumped inside all gung-ho.

The place hadn't been looted yet! It looked so pristine, as if the keeper of the shop had just closed it down for the night. We flicked the lights on, found the freezer, and unloaded boxes upon boxes of beef and pork chips, along with frozen vegetables. Ah men, we were so happy. We were set. Nasty, it was, but this stuff could keep us full for months, if we could load it all.

How did no one think to raid a Mongolian barbecue? Cameron Park is a developing area, a lot of old-timers in country homes... maybe no one was out to loot here. Or maybe they all thought the same as we did, that the looters had already taken everything. We were happily surprised. It was another stroke of good luck.

Piling the boxes of frozen meat chips in my truck was easy, no one troubled us, but we quickly realized we could never hold so much in our freezer. Leaving a month of food in that freezer room was horrible. We decided we would figure something out later. It was still a great find. When we got back we were all ecstatic.

We got back at 7:00 pm, and ate as much frozen food as we could so as to make more room we eventually discovered we had taken more frozen chicken chips than we had room for, and so we gorged ourselves for the next two hours, roasting the meat on the fire. Last peaceful time I remember...

There were some disturbances around 8:30 pm, that Thursday night. We heard the 'Himno Nacional Mexicano' being played over loudspeakers. Outside, we saw four hummers roll by, decked out with a large Mexican flag on the side, all military-esque. It was a caravan of Mexican soldiers. Real Mexican soldiers! We couldn't see the soldiers inside but, I swear... that scared the holy crap out of all of us. They eventually rolled away down the street... but what were Mexican soldiers doing here?

The news quickly clarified this. The Mexican army had made a break in the lines

Power went out. Ball lightning or EMP or something. SUCK. I better shut this laptop off before it starts getting screwy. This should roll over soon.


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