Sunday, July 09, 2006

Everyone has been dead tired. I let the girls go to sleep, while I began to fortify our new place. The lights… so beautiful, like an aurora borealis stretching across the entire horizon, have not gone out or changed at all, and I’ve gotten about six wonderful hours with some kind of light pouring through the windows. I love it. It’s such a psychological relief.

Though the women want to leave, I know that it’s still dangerous out here. Our world has collapsed in three days in a violent whirlwind of distrust and hysterical terror. They feel like they can charge right outside, that it’s safe… I wish it were true.

I seem calm, eh? My nerves are blown. I’ve had too much in these last three days, and the anxiety has killed me. The fact that I haven’t really gotten any good amount of sleep since the Darkness usually wouldn’t faze me… but it has. I need to tell you everything.

Alright, here we go.

Her name was Tayva Craft, a once-best friend that I still trusted, and she was a criminal. With evidence that her fingerprints were in the system, she knew she would be caught if she went off to a military-enforced refuge in Eldorado Hills, as everyone would have to be registered. So she called me to pick her up.

I did. As I rolled up, she ran out and jumped in the car. It was good to see her again, with her distinctive dark brownish-red hair, and green-blue eyes, just like I remember. But she had definitely changed since we were younger; here she was a full-blown adult! And I know that for some reason she had indulged in the life of crime for at least one job, before deciding that wasn’t the life for her.

“Is there a hurry?” I asked.

“Not necessarily, Michael, it’s good to see you,” she flashed a quick smile, “But I’ve been hiding from those looters for the last day without sleep. They tore through my house, taking odds and ends; I managed to hide in a closet… so Michael I am feeling quite nervous about this whole thing.”

I gave a laugh, “You… have a problem with… stealing?” I gave a playful frown.

“Ha ha. Okay, you can bother me later about that. Come on! I’m not feeling so good!”

“No, really, I just want to know if we could take something from this place. We need food, weapons, water, gasoline, jewels, stuff like that.” I grinned.

Ignoring my last remark, she gazed out the window into the pitch black, illuminated only by the hazy street lamps, saying, “I’ve got a weapon right here.” She lifted a pistol out of the air and gave it a spin. It was a fat firearm, man, military-grade.

“That looks impressive.” I nodded. “Anything else, food, water, et cetera?”

“Someone jacked our spare car, and I wouldn’t know where to look for gas. But I do have a little bit of food in the closet... It’s not that much -” her gaze seemed to wander different directions, as she looked for hostiles. I remember her doing that a lot when we were kids. It made me smile.
“Cover me!” I said, and jumped out of the truck and ran up the steps, passed a Dorian column and through the front door. Tayva only yelled out, “By the stairs!”

And now I was in a big, creepy house, its furniture tossed here and there, with absolutely no light at all. I had my cell phone in my pocket, and held it aloft, my gun in my other hand. It did little.

“Stairs. Stairs. Where are the stairs?” I mumbled.

I finally found a closet near a red-carpeted stairway, where Tayva had probably been hiding. Inside I found five boxes of pancake mix, two bottles of ranch, a gallon of water, a can of chili and a head of lettuce. Good eating, eh? I stuffed my cellular and my pistol into my jeans, stacked the goods and armed it out of there, moving quickly.

Coming out of the front door, I heard noises. And then I saw him, some dude pacing in front of my truck. He heard me before I heard him, and he rose his pistol and sent a bullet off like a snake strike.

Here was a minor miracle. As soon as I saw the guy, I freaked. I threw the boxes and the ranch into the air. The can of chili, floating in front of my chest, was the lucky recipient of the bullet, and the can exploded, sending chili all over me. Where the bullet went after that, I don’t know. I don’t think a can of chili can deflect a bullet, and that thing should have passed through me as well… but I’m here… and I don’t have a gaping wound.

I heard two more gun shots go off, and I thought I was dead. Then I saw Tayva, having sprung out of hiding in the space in front of her seat, and two holes in the shoulder of this dude. Blood went everywhere.

The impact of seeing my friend pulverize that guy. The blood. Nearly being shot. I doubled over for a second. Then, my pulse going, I recollected the food, sans a can of chili, threw it into the truck, and jumped in the driver’s seat.

There, I began breathing hard, and I got up to 70 mph getting out of that place.

Tayva was distressed as well, blood flecks still on her cheek. She was holding a pistol in each hand. I guess we had gotten another gun, that’s one good piece of news. She looked at me, her green-blue eyes wide open, mouth pursed, for a few long minutes.

“Have you shot anyone before?” I asked, taking a fast, sharp turn.

She let out a half-sob, dropped the guns, and leaned forward, her hands holding her face.

“Tayva…” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t approve of her killing someone, but hadn’t she done it to save my life? We drove in a sad silence, as she sobbed nearly inaudibly.

“Tayva, hey, don’t let that get into your head. These are desperate times. This isn’t a storybook.” I said. No flipping kidding. We were both Mormon kids, each having fallen in the faith a little bit in the recent years… But… Mormons don’t bust a cap into people!

“Come on, Tayva.” I said softly. Erm… I don’t know if I was controlling the situation, but I was trying. I turned on the radio, and caught a few minutes of slow jazz before the radio turned off. As well as my truck.

“What the…” I slowed to a stop. We were on a five-lane freeway, with a stretch of grass and a forest to our right. I eased my truck into the grass. Then the street lamps died. It was pitch black.

“Michael?” Tayva asked, quietly.

“We’re fine,” I said, calmly, “No one is going to find us in the dark.” I reached for my cell phone to try and get some light, and then realized that this was an electromagnetic pulse or... something like that. No cell phone. This better not screw up my car.

And then I realized something, sitting there in the pitch black.

I’ve always been told to never be alone with a girl I don’t know so well.

Especially in the dark.

Especially confined to such a small space.

Especially with a very good-looking woman.

Tayva and I talked, awkwardly, at first.

“You don’t have anything to light up?” I asked.

“Uh-uh. I guess we’ll just have to wait.” She said, her voice becoming very soft.

“Right…” I sniffed. “You okay?”


Short silence.

“Michael, you have cold chili all over you.” Tayva said. I then realized I was still covered from the neck down with chili.

“I… am… kind of hungry.” She said… her voice smooth. In the pitch-black I couldn’t see her, but she found my shoulder with her hands, and then began planting her lips on my neck and eventually found her way up. Wow, what a hot move.

“I’ve always found you very attractive, even when we were little, Tayva.” I said, laughing slightly. Then I found her face and began making out with her for twenty-odd minutes. Something about the all-concealing darkness… it was a good experience. Then the street lamps came back on, and suddenly everything became more realistic. I kissed her for a few more minutes… and then we kind of just… got back in our seats, it was sort of awkward. I started the truck, and found it to be working just fine. We continued the trip back to my house.

“Wow, Tayva… you’re just full of surprises, lately, aren’t you?” I finally said, after another short silence.

“Hey, Michael, I needed that.” She said in defiance. I didn’t want to make her start sobbing again and so I gave her a look, smiled, and patted her leg.

“It was a good moment.” I told her.

We got back into my neighborhood and, with our lights off for some stealth, rolled into the garage. Someone would surely detect us sooner or later. We strolled into the house, Tayva with a blood on her face, and me with chili all over my body.

“Oh my god!” Angelina covered her mouth with her hands.

“Are you guys okay?!” Karol asked.

“Yeah! We’re fine; it was a good rescue attempt.” I smiled, giving Tayva a hug. “This is Tayva Craft, you guys.”

“What’s with the blood, Mike?” Karol asked.

“We don’t need to talk about that right now. I would like to change my clothes, right now, thank you very much. I’m glad to see you girls are okay.”

Angelina sauntered over to me with a sarcastic half-smile, “Oh, yeah, we were so helpless with out you, macho rescue man.” She gave me a playful push. “Good job.”

“Hey, I’m Angelina.”

“I’m Karol.”

“Nice to meet everyone, glad I could hang out here… until… well, hopefully this gets better, you know?” Tayva smiled.

I have three women in my barricaded house… with no other guys…I didn’t know whether to be scared or ecstatic. I’m a guy that takes things slow, you know?

“Okay, well, I just got shot at… so do you think you could do me a favor and make some dinner while I’m showering?”
“Shot at!” Karol yelped, “You said you weren’t going to talk about it!”

“Okay, I’ll tell you later, just let me get outta these chili pants. You haven’t been miserable until you where chili pants.” I climbed the stairs to get changed.

Another interesting development: I’m in the shower, when someone walks in.

“Tayva?” I called.

“Sorry, I was just going to take your clothes down to get washed.” It was Karol. She had long, smooth, dirty-blonde hair and copper-colored eyes… just as I put my head passed the shower curtain she found my head and we kissed. Again and again.

“I love how you went out and rescued that girl, so courageously. Mike, thank you for protecting all of us. And…” Karol started saying. Then I took hold of myself and pulled back.

“Mike?” she asked, confused.

Now I felt stupid. Stupid morals…

“Karol, you still have a guy out there, and I’m very obliged, but… Not now, baby.” I said from behind the shower curtain, rubbing my temples. “Go downstairs, please, I’m sure Tayva needs some new clothes, if you have some. I don’t.”

Yeah. Living with three women? This was going to be hard.

I was so nervous, that I got online, onto this blog at 9:30 PM, and started talking to a guy named Daniel. Intelligent, funny, guy; I’m glad to be in contact with him. Someone’s been keeping his head, and he told me that there was no chance for human life.

I couldn’t believe that I had missed this! More intelligent folks must have realized this instantly! Plants, from sea plankton to the rain forests, need light to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. We were going to suffocate! Who knew how long we were going to survive. I desperately wanted to go out and raid a store for an oxygen tank. Daniel detailed that our only chance included greenhouses and sealable environments, preferably next to a power plant.

Immediately, I came up with plans. The dam! How much longer it could produce electricity, I don’t know, but it had been keeping these places powered. If we could take over and seal it up…

And then I realized that the government must be doing something about this. Some kind of last-ditch habitat or bunker must be being constructed, instead of these… high-powered lasers! And then I put two and two together. They were making the lasers in cities next to nuclear power plants! The government wasn’t doing anything… they were building them as fast as they could!

But the level of secrecy. Surely, they didn’t have enough room for everybody. We could still try and drive out to one of the disclosed locations and try to get in this ‘Ark’ they are probably building… I don’t think it would amount to anything. We would have to try and do something with Folsom Dam.

I told Daniel to start spreading the message, if he could, so that people might have a chance of survival. I’m glad the Internet remains an important conduit. There might be IP bans from the government, but it couldn’t hurt.

I was trying to get an update to my blog, but I heard the girls calling my name. I ran downstairs.

They were surrounding the TV, watching the news, faces of shock. I was still in a towel. Man, I had to be more careful in a house full of women. I still wasn’t used to… well, I sat down.

How’d you all feel when you heard the news? September 11th paled in comparison. What a world, eh?

War had consumed the planet as easily as the darkness.

A man named ‘the Mehdi’ had declared an Islamic Jihad against the Christian world. Iran had begun sending rocket barrages down on Israel, to every city and military installation. One of those missiles was nuclear. Satellite pictures show Tel Aviv up in a nuclear shroud. This has been going on for some hours, I guess before they had the press release. Israel has begun to send their entire military outside of their borders, but the place has erupted in religious guerilla warfare. Soldiers from all nations surrounding Israel have begun an advance.

The live video feed from American military still in Iraq… Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il, nuked Seoul a few hours earlier and has started sending soldiers. They tried to send missiles towards Japan, and now Japan is pulling all of its soldiers from Iraq, leaving the Americans stranded. It brought tears to my eyes, when they got pictures of those four soldiers getting blown to smithereens by rocket.

Iran is invading Iraq, and doing a good job at it. But what is it worth? The crisis escalated, and Israel has used its nuclear capabilities in full. Satellite imaging shows more than 250 Israeli nuclear missiles have found their targets. The Middle East has screwed itself over. Tehran has been nuked. Islamic holy cities across Saudi Arabia have been nuked…

Meanwhile, Pakistan and India have leveled each other. Our worst fears have come true. It seems Pakistan has been reduced to a vast smoking wasteland, with nuclear plumes over nearly every urban center and some just out in the middle of nowhere. Likewise, India has been catastrophically annihilated by Pakistani nukes, impact sites consuming its northwestern half, with nukes finding their targets in Hyderabad and Bangalore as well. No where near as bad as Pakistan… but my God, how they have destroyed each other. A ruin of fire and rubble has been left as a wall between the two nations.

And yet still, there are reports of Indian military beginning a march into Pakistan to massacre the survivors, and to continue into the Middle East. Someone has pissed off the Hindus, and they’re not going down so easily. The world’s only consolation is what with the electromagnetic funk around the planet, it’s taken them some time to get into the Middle East.

The United States battle group off of North Korea was nuked. Japan depended quite a bit on them, as they have only a few carriers. Japan declared war, as did Russia and South Korea (China mysteriously staying out of it). They will win. But some estimated 11 million died in those first few moments, and who knows how many are left now. The United States blasted the country, and North Korea is now a hot, ashen desert. I can’t believe the US sent so many nukes, with so little provocation... Can you imagine the horror? At least the North Korean nuke headed for Tokyo was shot down… what if it hadn’t? NK’s nukes are dirty… Japan would have suffered a third nuclear explosion in its history… 40 million dead. I’m glad their lives were saved. Then again, with starvation and anarchy consuming Japan, does it matter?

If only they knew the sun was going to come back up…

The worst part about this was that the Mehdi has called for all of the followers of Allah to rise up against the infidels. Many in Western countries have fallen prey to the infamous ‘Sickle of Islam’. I can’t imagine what Europe is like. Spain has collapsed entirely, and some Muslim guy has sent video over the internet of him sitting on the throne of Spain. Portugal is on its way. Paris has been the site of extreme rioting, explosions… With the French military cracking down on the Muslims, its caused a backlash unprecedented. That country will fall soon, as well.

What’s going to happen? The sun is up, but the world seems to still be in darkness!

After two hours of watching the atrocities. The three girls and I hear an explosion.

“Turn off the TV.”

Tayva, her face covered with tears, switched it off. The others were in a similar state. The videos they had shown to us over the news… the news anchor had been crying! But we had to know what was happening.

“Wipe your faces, ladies. Turn off all of the lights, now!”

“I rushed to check the doors were barricaded, and I realized I was still in a towel. I ran upstairs, threw on some pants, and came back down.

Angelina had prepared some candles, and we all huddled in my room. They were all still crying. I checked the windows. There was a person walking outside, with a radio in his hand. In the lamplight, I could see he was an Arab.

“You guys stay here, Tayva has a gun, I’ll be back.” I went quietly down the stairs, with a gun in my pocket and a candle in my hand, and found the old radio set. I brought it back up, and with the volume up just barely, the girls and I scanned for the emergency frequency.

“… to stay in their homes. The military is organizing an attack on terrorist hotspots. All civilian militia are called to defend the premises of the refuge area. And this just in, there is an explosion at the Dam. The Dam has held, but we suggest to everyone listening in the flood plain of the river to try to move as quickly as possible to a safe area. All Muslims and Arabs should report to military installations to accept surrender. Soldiers will typecast, and fire at Arabs on sight. This is the only precaution we can make against our new enemy…”

And so it went. The Mehdi (who was that guy? Some kind of Islamic Messiah or some such, it said on the news) had called for Islamic resistance against heretics worldwide. Folsom had a Mosque, across the river, and many, many Arabs thanks to the nearby Intel facilities. We also had a lot of Indians, and therefore, Hindus. The guy on the radio made several comments for ‘Hindu partisans to report to refugee centers for official volunteer outfitting, as unofficial uniforms will not be recognized, and volunteers will be fired upon by military forces’. There was no more tolerance for religion, any more.

So there was an insurrection. Maybe you might call it a civil war. But any way you call it, we were in trouble.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Half of Asia is glowing in the dark, including most of my father's relatives (Israelis)... damn.

Mecca being nuked... that's probably what's stirring all the islamic nutjobs into attacks and stuff. Not that Jerusalem is in any better shape, mind... I expect there to be major religious-oriented genocide in the coming months/years...

No terrorists in my neighborhood, just a few looters. From the sound of it the the terrorists prefer tastier government targets like in DC.

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Oh, a question: do the auroras provide enough light for at least low-light plants to grow?

I'm not sure... they're beautiful and fill the sky, but they're not the same as real sunlight...

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Michael Alan said...

Daniel, you're still alive. Good. Hang in there my man.

I don't know how the plants will react to the auroras above us. In a week or two, maybe we'll see. However, this is some kind of light, it has to be better than darkness, right? You probably know more than me, but it 'feels' like there is sunlight when I'm outside, more so then when there was just pitch black.

Yeah, the terrorists are tearing apart the bigger cities. If I were you, I'd move your family into the country until... well, until hopefully the world fixes itself.

Good luck, Daniel, stay alive.


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