Friday, July 07, 2006

It’s about 4:00 PM, three hours after my last post. The soup was good, and I’ve been picking up some new information.

The world isn’t going to freeze over. Government scientists have just revealed that infrared light and heat are coming through the whatever-it-is that is blocking light outside of the Moon’s orbit, albeit at about 90% of its former levels. That’s good. I wonder how long it would take for us to hit subzero if we didn’t have solar heating. What will this 90% level do to the world’s ecosystem?

I went outside after hearing this, into my backyard. It’s hard to detect, but if you close your eyes… you can definitely feel as if the sun is up. In the summer, in noonday, it was getting quite warm. Could I get sunburn from this? I’m not sure. The scientists on TV didn’t say anything about ultraviolet rays.

There are lights in the sky. At first, everyone said it was aliens. Which is a good point: Did aliens do this to us? Is this a weapon they’re using? Or are they conducting an experiment? These lights are not UFOs though, or anything extraterrestrial. The scientists have reported that this is actually a massive worldwide occurrence of what is called Ball Lightning. At least this is less destructive than normal lightning.

When I went outside into the pitch-black of the daytime, I did not see any of this ‘ball lightning’, after nearly half and hour standing there. Strange because the scientists reported that it should be fairly prominent.

Electromagnetic surges are up. My radio sometimes goes to static, though my television set remains normal most of the time.

This is having political repercussions. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, has called this as a sign from Allah to finally remove Israel from the Earth. Iran may have nukes, Israel might have nukes

Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, has embraced the idea that the Darkness is a sign from Allah to rid the world of India! Pakistan has nukes, India has nukes. Allah is giving a lot of signs, I guess.

There is a report of civil unrest in Paris, France. Coordinated by Muslims? Probably, just like last year. Paris is going down in flames, and the French are calling martial law over several departments. There are a few reports from London, Berlin, and Copenhagen of similar behavior. Dang radicals. What I am worried is about the Muslims (and for that matter, Arabs) that aren’t extremists, here at home. They could get lynched or jailed. Not good.

Poor President Kerry, he worked so hard to defuse all of that stuff, and it’s going on with out him. The dude is on the news, and he looks freaked. I wonder how many other Americans noticed his stammer: this can’t give USA confidence. I bet they are mobilizing armies right now.

When I got home from the grocery store, I found I had mostly fruit and grainy cereals. Not a good start on supplies. I needed to get to another store, and there was a Walmart nearby. I needed to get another tank of gas, and hopefully buy some more. Buy! Buy! Buy! I need weapons, some wood to bar windows, and light in case the electricity goes down. Water purifier couldn’t hurt. Backpack in case I need to move out of here quickly… So much to do! And of course more food.

I filled all three bathtubs in the house with water, up to the brim. If the water goes out sometime during this crisis, then I’ll have a small supply. I also have a store of four gallons of water, and my small desk refrigerator has quite a bit of Aquafina inside.

Besides that, I have my healthy, super-enriched, very experiment Medicant, four boxes. I made it at the labs I work at. Basically: enough crushed hyper-awareness, life-extension, health, and memory pills to make water murky. Its going to be on the market in a few years, once I've finished my own experiments. There's enough immortality nuts like me to buy it up. Enrich your mind, world!

How long is this going to last? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was three days long. The world’s paying for those three days of light at the Savior’s birth, I guess. In those three days, the world could collapse. The Christians will take longer to organize, but what happens when the Pope declares a modern-day crusade against the claims of a jihad? Or when theocratic leaders start jailing gays or something? What about ethnic warfare in Africa? This darkness gives everybody the excuse to do radical things.

I turned a spare couch up on its side to cover the front room windows, and was able to block my backyard windows with a mattress. Hopefully I can get some better barricades later. I am really, really scared of getting looters in here. From my bedroom on the top story, I can look out into the day-dark, through the orange lamplight, and find people walking here and there. I was sure I heard gunshots a few streets down. A lot of people are leaving: I wonder if this is a good idea. I know that both of my neighbors have packed up their families and left for some undisclosed place. I think I should loot their houses to save their stuff.

I got a phone-call from a friend, Karol Seller, the second call from her since yesterday. She lives with a roommate, and they were going to go to her boyfriend’s place to bunker down, but it seems that Karol’s boyfriend left to get his family in Idaho. Whatever. The fact is that Karol and her friend Angeline Vesely have requested that they stay with me until the lights come back on. Good news for me. They said they would try to pick up some food and then motor on over to my place. And why not? My place could fit a family of seven! I have four guestrooms, three bathrooms and in a good neighborhood (how good now that there are gunshots the next street over? I don’t know.)

Karol and Angeline are very good looking women, I’m glad they’re staying with me.

So, I decided to try my luck at Ralph’s Grocery. This time, with sunglasses, for partial disguise, and my driver’s license and other such ID. And $200. The line was a little longer, as it was now later in the morning. But I got through, and no one had recognized I had been a looter only a little while before. I got $35 worth of canned food and water. I didn’t know what other foodstuff to get. I also got a series of legal papers, and a cool plastic rations card. The military has prepared for such a civil disturbance, or at least California. It seems like I’ll be able to pick up food and water a little later in the week, though I will be registered electronically so I can only pick up so much. Whatever.

I tried the Sports Center to get some new shoes, a new gun, and new ammunition. I needed a hiking backpack, and a new tent, if I needed to move out. There were people in military uniform at the front of the store. I parked, and moved up towards the store as if nothing happened. One of them sighted me, and moved up. He has some kind of carbine weapon in his arms. Hardcore.

“Sir, you’re going to have to leave the premises.”

“May I have a reason for this, er… officer?”

“Besides the fact that the owners are not here to open this place up, there are firearms inside. We’re waiting for someone to arrive so we can detain the weapons, for further civilian militia organization. We can’t have anyone trying to break in to try and steal some weapons, not in these dark times.” He gave a sad chuckle.

“It’s that bad, huh?”

“The sun going out? Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Right now, I’m wishing we could have had that bird flu instead.”

“Huh… How’s the city of Folsom, California, doing?”

“We’re doing very well. It’s a good place, a family city. We’ve got police officers and firemen with weapons on patrols and holding commercial centers down successfully. We’ve, sadly, lost two officers to a shooting, but that’s about it. We’ve got about 20 Homeland Defense volunteers down here, and we’re doing pretty well.” He smiled. He didn’t seem to emanate the firm, grizzled soldier feel. Before July 6th, he might have been a normal father, working at Intel, or some such.

“Hey, thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Have a good, uh, day and stay safe.” I smiled and got back into my truck. I didn’t get what I had wanted, but I got some good information. Things weren’t as bad as they seemed, I guess.

That’s Angel and Karol driving up. I gotta go. Girls to protect and entertain, eh?


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