Friday, July 07, 2006

It's still dark outside, and it's five! Why? Why? WHY?! Ah! I can't stand this! Because I need to stay calm, I've forced myself to type and record. It feels better already.

Angeline and Karol are sharing a room, next to mine. I've moved some of my stuff in the garage to fit their Pontiac Montana in. If we need to go in case this thing gets worse (I have a sinking feeling it will, can you blame me? This is end of times stuff!) we'll double our storage capacity and chances of survival. They also brought a decent amount of food, including 10 MREs, and the rest mainly health food. My kitchen refrigerator is packed. Lots of yogart!

I told them I needed to get some sleep, turned out they were pretty tired as well. This eternal darkness thing plays with your head. I need to catch at least twenty minutes of sleep, though I don't need it, just for good measure. Then I'd like to continue barricading my house. I turned the table over to block some more windows into the backyard, and I nailed a 2x4 onto the backyard door to keep people from coming in. If we need to escape through there, its a bad situation, but whatever.

I still only have my Browning Hi-Powered, and, having counted my ammunition, about 250 bullets. That's better than I thought. That's good.

*sigh* Okay, I feel like I need to explain myself. My name is Michael Alan, and I'm 20 years old. I moved out of the house before my senior year, to start college at Davis University for Psychology and Biotechnology, go figure, I'm a pretty smart guy. Got a special package and what not. For a summer job, I was picked up by the LaBerge Institute, which is working with the Greenspan Corporation to study lucid dreaming. This has become a major part of my life, and after I got only moderate grades in college, I quit to work full-time. Stephen Shah, the President of the LaBerge Institute, was particularily interested in me because of the ease it takes me to enter lucid dreaming.

This seems weird to many, but this is totally real, its not some new age stuff. For some reason, I was chosen as the lottery winner for a gene that helps something in my brain do this. Cool? Yes.

Lately, I've had lucid dreams in which I come into advanced characters that seem completely lifelike. Am I splitting my mind into different personalities? I don't know. Tereal is one of these. She seems to dart out of my dreaming every time I get close, but I can see her, hear her, and talk to her, just as if I was awake. I'm making progress.

I don't need to sleep. Funny that, huh? Some of this I attribute to modafinil in the medicant, but I have gained a control over sleep through my genes and perhaps experience as well. I've slept in the labs before for more than three weeks. I've gone without sleep for a similiar amount. I do not fear sleep, it is always under my power, fear me.

Lucid dreaming is a wonderful phenomenon. When I go to sleep, I will see the sun as if it was real. In fact, I can go to the surface of the sun. If only others could experience the hyperreality I enjoy. Greenspan is working on harnessing my genes, chemicals, or whatever allows me to do this, to sell as a product, to allow other the powers of lucid dreaming and control of sleep. Confidential? Nah, I've been telling plenty of people. Meanwhile, LaBerge is investigating astral projection, which they want me to get into. Brought up in the LDS Church, I have certain qualms against this.

There... the voices have stopped. Good. I need twenty minutes of sleep.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

This is NOT good at all. And that's an understatement. This makes the ol' asteroid event 65 million years ago seem like a piece of cake.

No sunlight = no plants = no food or, after a few years, oxygen.

Pretty much the only hope humanity has left is to build survival arks that grow plants using artificial lighting and have independent (preferably nuclear) power. Hopefully someone in the White House organizes it fast (and I don't hold much hope for flipflop - not that shrub would've been better, understand - being fast) before anarchy descends.

The effort required would be astounding. Finding scientists and engineers to keep civilization running and young nubile couples and children to keep a suitable breeding population. Environment will need to be largely self-sealed to preserve oxygen. Before long breathing masks and oxygen tanks will be needed to venture outside for mining and other operations. Keeping the power running - nuclear is best, it's completely unaffected by the sun and has lots of power per kilo. Logistics for thousands of people in dormitory if not submarine conditions. I'd recommend the Prez. bring home troops and start acting more like a dictator, armed guards keeping order and organization of industry towards survivors (hard for a capitalist like me to admit it).

Oh, maybe a space ship can penetrate this 'barrier' and we can send a ship on a 1-way trip to Mars where at least they have the sun. But that would be impossible given the short amount of time. BTW is there any contact with far-out probes ie the Voyagers, Cassini, etc. Do they still see the sun?

Or your lucid dreams are a connection to a parallel reality or aliens or something and there could be a rescue :P.

But I don't hold much hope. Whatever Alien Space Bats cooked this one up knew what they were doing, within a few years all life is gone when food runs out, the air loses precious oxygen, etc.

I've spent the past few days holed up with my parents, going out only to buy more food.

Oh well...

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Michael Alan said...

Daniel! Thanks for being there, man, I'm glad someone is still out there on the net, keeping their heads.

I hadn't made that connection! Starvation and freezing... But suffocation?! Man. Why hasn't the White House informed us of this?

You need to keep spreading your message man. Its only a little while until they might purge IP addresses, I would think. Then again, consider that people not knowing might be good. No panic.

Good luck to you, I'll mention this on my blog.

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Yep. Suffocation is simple.

Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, the first plants really 'terraformed' Earth into being habitable to animals. Without that, surviving animals etc will start to use up available oxygen. I don't know how long this will take - it'll be awhile before it becomes completely impossible to breathe, it'll be more like going higher up mountains for a time.

The only life that would survive no sun indefinitely would be deep underwater creatures near volcanic vents and anaerobic bacteria (including extremophile archae like those in hot springs, caves, and saltwater).


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