Thursday, July 20, 2006

That's not a normal electromagnetic pulse... I mean, all it does is nullify electricity. I can't help but feel that it would utterly destroy my electronics... but everything functions normally after it goes away!

Weird. But isn't everything.

Where was I?

The Mexican Army had broken through the US guard, and were coming up into California. General Velasco faced an insurrection consuming the entire country, but he had a loyal group of soldiers and a population that wanted to invade the United States while they still could. Velasco complied, joined some kind of 'Aztlan' faction, and arranged for heavy armor to meet the pistol-and-glass-shield boys down by the border. Bam! Tanks in California. The United States sent a huge contingent of the army to intercept, and when they couldn't find them, they plowed into Mexico. But can you keep those guys under control? President Kerry decided: Not without a few tac-nukes.

So, Mexico is a protectorate of the United States now, with several northern cities suffering attacks by small nuclear arms outside of the dense areas. This is being done to stem the tide from the border, and I guess it worked, with all major roadways bombed to oblivion, but Velasco is still in the US. The tanks encountered the air force pretty soon after, but Velasco still has thousands of guerilla soldiers, and in the sorry state of the nation, they can't all be tracked down.

Kerry's plan for rebuilding the nation was pretty good. He turned powers over to the communities, sending humanitarian aid and military support to as many counties as possible, starting with the most populous, and asking for all US citizens to group into 'refuge zones' and turn to military representatives for weapons training. The news had been consumed with his plans for small, self-sufficient, independent communities throughout the nation, able to react to hostiles themselves. They've released a lot of information over the internet on urban survival, it'll save a lot of people, and give Velasco a run for his money.

What am I saying, using the present-tense. I get so absorbed in this record-telling. Velasco is probably dead, shot down by the invaders or eaten by the walking, blackened dead. Actually, I hope that he is still alive. We need as many humans as possible to survive, and one with such military experience is a very valuable person.

Anyway, that's what was happening, we soon discovered. We slept very fitfully that night.

And then came Friday, the 14th.

The Sickle of Islam was no threat any more. They were pulling out. The military had beaten them back, especially in Folsom. But they were determined to do as much damage as possible while they retreated. At 4:00 PM, the Folsom Dam exploded. We could hear it as it shattered, even in Cameron Park. We couldn't see it, and didn't want to go out with the Aztlan people out there... but it happened. The local radio reported complete devestation. Just the other night I was looking for my house. But half of my neighborhood is gone, swept away by the floodwaters...

So the Sickle of Islam had their last laugh. Or so we thought. I... can't bear to recall the memory... but they poisoned the water system, somehow. Some kind of cyanide. Karol had just filled a cup of water from the sink during dinner, took a drink and... suddenly she said the wind was knocked out of her. It must have just been a minute dose, because she stayed alive for quite a while. She got sick, and we immediately traced it to the water system when Sharon began showing the same symptoms.

I can't seem to remember it all too well. I don't want to repeat the episode..

We heard on the radio that it was happening and there was a cure and if only we could get down there we could get some kind of cure and save her from dying from poisoning and everything would be alright. Everything would be fine. Karol would have stopped coughing so much and Karol would be alive she wouldnt die she'd be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't do this. I'm sorry.


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