Monday, July 10, 2006

There’s a lot happening, but it’s safe here, I’ll let you know that. It doesn’t seem like too many of you are out there. I’m glad to see the discussions on survival, and of a unified response against the malefactors that have appeared since the Day Without Light. The United States and China have turned North Korea into a nuclear crater, while Japan and South Korea have systematically annihilated all of the North Korean navy, including their formidable submarine fleet.

India has forced an occupation of Afghanistan, and their government doesn’t want to stop. Many are dead. Then again, India might splinter any second. The economical damage is far too much. Their military can only go so far.

The Muslims have ended open warfare. Now it’s a horrendous guerilla campaign, spurned on by the Mehdi, a messiah, it seems, that is only second to Allah in their religion. While Israel has captured the capitals of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria with the help of European militaries in a brutal kill-all march, Islamic insurgents have detonated several dirty bombs throughout the cities of Europe, the largest searing Moscow with radiation. I’m glad we’re separated by an ocean. The modern Crusaders have toppled the neutral Turkish government, as well as most North Africa: Muslim nations that hadn’t declared war and tried to contain the situation, and gave up easily. The Middle East has screwed itself over, yes, but it’ll be a long, bloody affair.

With the lights back on, the Mexicans have stopped killing each other, and realized that the borders are weak. Reports of vast illegal immigration have been coming through the news… but at least they are Catholic, right? I don’t know what to think about it. Hopefully, the United States will get off of its butt and send armies to control the situation, now that it looks like the doomsday isn’t going to come.

Still… we aren’t out of the storm yet. The sky of pitch-black has not been replaced with a normal one. Are we supposed to just accept this eerie, aurora borealis-like thing that has stretched across our sphere? Can we get used to the dull, grey spot in the sky that is now the Moon, illuminated in a way it’s never been before? The occasional electromagnetic pulses, and the frequent ball lightning… what about that? There are reports of ball lightning sailing into refugee centers and igniting the place in seconds. How am I supposed to barricade against that?

As if the world wasn’t weird enough already…


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