Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wait, wait, wait. Forget the map. Check this out. It just appeared on the news.

How many times will I say it? Wow.

Local reports suggest its been there since the Moon disappeared. Guess where it is? The North Pole, geographic, not magnetic. They are sending crews out to see if the same thing is happening on its Southern counterpart.

No one can get any farther than this range before they enter some kind of 'electrical drain'. Like an EMP, except happening every second or so. How far away it is, from the photographer? They don't say. Fox is sending out an expedition soon to make it to the base of this pillar.

More strange news? Heat. This thing is not just another light-show, there is energy right there. Scientists are registering strange 'heat-waves' being sent off from this thing, in random intervals anywhere from 15 seconds to 7 minutes long. The North Pole is getting considerably warmer from this event, with a 10 degree drop already. (Fahrenheit, people, come on, this is America.

What does this do to the world? Well, the good ol' scientists we keep on seeing on the tube say that the world has cooled down hugely since the Darkness. The auroras are giving off more heat than the dark sky, but still less than normal sunlight. They say that some places in the world got thirty degrees colder in only those three dark days, while in the temperate zones we saw a change of only ten degrees.

So... the aliens, or the god, or the alien gods, whatever... are heating our planet up. The question is, are they doing this just to bring back the temperatures we know and love? Are they trying to fix something they started? Or is that energy pillar going to stay there?

Maybe some superadvanced alien race is trying to terraform (is that the right term?) our planet for their own use? Warm it up to an environment they find comfortable? That's a theory around on the net, but I personally don't believe it. If the aliens are advanced enough to erect some kind of huge shield around Earth and the Moon, and then take away the Moon as if picking up any normal object... why would they need the Earth? These guys could build their own Earth, a thousand Earths, with all the power they are showing us.

Aliens? No, I'm not thinking this is aliens. I don't know, I just believe that this is something else. Maybe a normal space phenomenon or something. Could it be divine? There is a lot of evidence out there for that as well.

Speaking of the divine, this 'Pillar of Brilliance' is attracting the zealous and fanatical, as everything does now-a-days. The Mehdi has been calling for Muslims to pray to the North Pole, now, instead of Mecca. He says its an 'embodiment of Allah'. What a coincidence, the Christians are saying the same thing, as are the Hindus, and it seems every other freaking religion. The Christians are the most adamant about this, calling the Pillar a 'Stairway to Heaven'. Isn't that the name of an old rock and roll song? The Pope and other extremist Christian leaders are telling all members that can risk it to make a trek to the Stairway, and bring back the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and His new plan for His children. Fun. Some people are having adventures and going on pilgrimages while we're stuck here.

I've been looking up the Mormons today. For a powerful, recognized religion, they aren't doing much. They are calling for safety. They acknowledge that this is the reason God gave them the commandment of food storage. They are opening parts of the Temples for refugees. The Mormon Church mentions that its humanitarian aid programs are the largest still functioning. But, the Prophet isn't advertising this disaster as some divine occurence. He calls it, rather, a sign of the times, a trial to precede the Second Coming. Its the same thing they did with the Indonesian Tsunami! It's not even a bigger deal than the Tsunami, all of this darkness and 'stairways' and auroras and all that.

Still, the Church is doing well. Their forums are blossoming with activity. The USA released a list of states based on the percentage of order they have reclaimed. Utah is on the top. Spiritual unity... Vast amount of food storage... It makes sense, I guess. Utah is where you want to be. Nevertheless, I can't believe they aren't making a big deal about all of this. Time will tell.


At 2:31 AM, Blogger Senator J. W. Hart said...

Ah, the Mormons...I knew I liked you guys.

The Baha'is have stayed pretty calm about things as well -- not surprising I guess given we don't believe in a literal Second Coming and you can't exactly have a Baha'i jihad, now can you? The UHJ is calling this "a great trial" and urging unity while instructing all the local assemblies to help with the refugees....Wilmette's pretty calm for now, biggest problem we have now is the frikin' Army keeps wanting to detain half our community for the crime of being Iranian. They've held off so far, because of all the good work we're doing, but the tension is there. And the 'volunteers'...well I'll get into that story later.

Sympathize about the house full o'gals, BTW. I've got three travelling with me at the moment, went into the city to get them when this Medhi baloney went down. Foolhardy, I know, but their families are out of town and the were danger of being killed or worse by the Sickle for being non-Muslim or the 'volunteers' for being Persian, so I went in there. That's me, LOL, J. William Hart, MPA and Kinght in Shining Armor. So now I've got groupies.

Keep up the blog, my man, not many people have been thinking to keep a record of this, maybe they didn't expect the power to stay on like this. I know I didn't. BTW, ignore the Senator thing, I made my blog account for some old political sim. Seems kinda silly now, dunnit?

Stay Alive!
-J. W. Hart

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Michael Alan said...

Hey, another survivor still surfing the web! I'm glad we made contact.

You have groupies as well? Hah! Its tough being a chivalrous guy in this time of chaos and conflict. Women panic far too easily, and when that happens, it makes me panic. I always feel on the edge. Its better now that we are outside of the urban areas,

Still, it sounds like you are in a more difficult position than I am. I can imagine that any of Middle Eastern descent (or any darker color races) are suffering horribly from the pseudo-military running things. It doesn't even matter if they know you are Muslim.

I'm glad your community is doing well. That's Wilmette, Illinois, right? I've heard a little of the Baha'i, but I've never figured out if its a sect of Islam or it's own religion. Pardon my ignorance. Still, that temple you guys have in Illinois, now THAT is quite a fortress. I'd be very happy to be Baha'i and living in Wilmette, you know?

There is a Mormon temple in Folsom as well. I haven't gone up there, trying to stay stationary, and for the reason I don't have a temple pass (I've kind of slacked off). I wonder how they are doing up there.

Certainly, there are formidable advantages and crippling disadvantages to being religious in this crisis. Places united with a common religion and purpose will survive much longer than those where religion might be instead a powder keg for conflict. Religious leaders can assemble their masses very quickly and get them organized. These are the people that have the greatest chance to stand through these events.

However, being part of a religion also means getting drawn into religious strife. I know if my Prophet declared that it was essential to destroy the Catholics (which he hasn't and won't), I would definitely follow him, if that's what my leader desired of me. That's what happened with the Muslims and the Mehdi, and they got themselves into a war that will shatter their entire way of life. They are the first to fall, and they pretty much already have, with so many of their cities nuked.

Well, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I'm glad there are good people still trying to go against the grain. It's people like you that are going to get this world onto its feet, once it gets back to normal.

Good luck and stay alive!
Michael Alan

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Senator J. W. Hart said...

Ah, shucks, I'm just doing the best I can, trying to do what Dad would do...(heard from him, finally, yesterday, seems Florida's mostly okay. After the year of 4 hurricanes, they're used to catastrophe down there.)

The Baha'is, BTW, are not a sect of Islam (even though Baha'u'llah was from a Muslim background) -- rather we are a separate religion that teaches that all other religions were truly god-inspired, and our revelation is just the most recent, meant to inspire world unity. There's a good web resource at, though it hasn't been updated since Nightfall -- they're too busy coordinating community relief efforts and whatnot. We're using the House of Worship in Wilmette (it is the one in Illinois :) ) as a giant refugee shelter for the moment, and I suppose it would make a decent fortress, though I hope it doesn't come to that...we've also, like I said, been pretty much running Wilmette since the incident -- the community isn't majority-Baha'i (well, maybe it is now, I dunno), but most of the suburban governments crumpled during Nightfall -- they really weren't much more than homeowner's associations, not meant for this kind of strain.

A very good point about faith, though I'm at a loss to understand how ture belief in God, the All-Merciful, can compel people to this bloodthirsty madness...for all his conservativism, I never would have thought ol' Benny 16 would go all Crusader on us, bus I guess the stress is getting to him too. (I saw the President on TV again, Kerry looks like a very old man these days. Heck, -Edwards- looks like an old man.)

Oh well, all I can do is follow my faith and try to be the example of light in dark times. I'm part of the liason committee between the House of Worship and the milgov. (I'm as Aryan-looking as they get, so they'll listen to me a little :P ) The gals and I are bunkered at my roomie's parent's place (Roomie and family were visiting Oklahama on Nightfall). We've built up a good stockpil of supplies, which Shadi's been managing (Avi and Jinous have been panicky, but Shadi, God bless her, has kept her head about her. I think I'm a little in love with Shadi.) and some D&D buddies and I have a rapid escape plan in case the other shoe falls. Even managed to pick up two guns, which Shadi and I have practiced with as much as possible w/o wasting too much live ammo....darn Chicago gun-control laws making me rusty.

Wow, that was a long ramble, I guess I'm glad there's someone else sane to talk to out here. BTW, shoutouts to your buddy Daniel. "Alien Space Bats" must have been a lurker on the alternate history boards too, eh, Daniel? I've been calling these...entities ASBs too, which has earned me a few funny looks from the gals, lol.

Take care,
-J. W. Hart


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