Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We couldn't believe it. I woke all of the girls. We could see. There was light coming through the treetops! Shining, comforting, warming, lovely light! We were saved.

But then we walked out, closer to the road, and we looked passed the trees.

"What... is that?" Karol said. We were all silent.

I've never seen the aurora borealis, before, despite having lived in Alaska for a year. But that's what it was, albeit on a much grand scale. It was as if there were thousands of aurora borealis', overlaying one another, making the sky dense with color and light, shimmering and moving like an insubstantial curtain.

It's been weird. This isn't something that isn't just going to end! What is happening to the planet Earth?

The scientists soon confirmed that a new material or force had replaced that of the darkness blocking the light. Maybe it was the same material, having transformed somehow. But it wasn't just in our skies... There was a sphere, surrounding the Earth and the moon... as if we were trapped in an eggshell or something... all light! No one could understand it.

It happened on the morning of Sunday.

It happened when my family began their exodus to Jill's Canyon, in the wilderness of Utah.

Is this some kind of holy episode? Does it have religious significance? Will this precede the Second Coming? I still don't know. I always assumed that Jesus Christ would come around a lot quicker, to save the day, instead of leaving the population of the planet in a dangerous funk.

For Sunday and this last day, Monday, we relaxed. In the light, we could find much more throughout the house. We made molotov cocktails, ready to be lighted up, just in case. Wars continued on the news (Fox seemed to be the only real, organized news channel, with CNN slowly coming back on air. Atlanta had been the center of extreme violence, with very mixed ethnic and religious backgrounds. Still, things had calmed down enough for CNN to start broadcasting again.)

The land has a huge woodpile, an acre back. I spent all of today refortifying our fences with hammer and nail. The women have taken up domestic affairs, compiling our remaining resources and such. This place has a guesthouse, by the pool, I hadn't even realized. It's very cool.

The electricity still works, as does the water, remarkably. I found a pump out back, and I have assumed that we're drinking groundwater. Most excellent. As for our electricity... well... there is a huge, metal electric pole dominating the far-corner of the property. We're getting direct electricity, so that's great.

I'm getting the internet through my satellite internet connection, which is great. If it was dead before, now its a beehive of discussion on how to rebuild the world, and theories on what the lights above are exactly.

It is slightly unnerving to be under those lights. Its a cooler light, with strange colors. The human mind is much less used to it than the darkness. Sharon threw up once, when she was out cleaning the pool (thankfully, not into the pool).

We're doing great, but we're all still getting ready for something bad. I think we all agree that we haven't even gotten out of the frying pan, yet.


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