Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The world is getting more dangerous by the second.

There is a definite pattern emerging here! Whatever this... crazy phenomenon is, its operating by some kind of pattern. We had three days of darkness, and then suddenly three days experiencing this aurora borealis.

On the morning of Wednesday, far before I woke up, the people at Fox reported that the Moon, good lady Luna, has disappeared. I'm kind of happy to be rid of that gray spot in the sky, it was so much more different than the Moon I remembered.

The auroras above also seem to be changing. We woke up to some kind of overcast environment today. The lights have been dimmed. A three-day night of some kind, I would guess, but not the total darkness we experienced. It casts a strange, surreal twilight outside... I'm not sure what to think of it. But, it's better than the strange surrounding light of the auroras, where there really aren't any shadows despite the day-like illumination.

Life has been good for the last few days, hence my reason not to type. But there have been troubles. Food is running low. We can cut up the sheep, but I reason that every day, food that might have been looted is being taken by others. I'm talking about going to some commercial center and searching for scraps. For six days, people have had a chance to break in and take as much as they've wanted: will there be any left? How long before we descend into barbarianism? The girls and I have estimated that, with our food storage and current dwindling collection, we have nine or ten days left before we run out. Who knows how much the seven sheep are worth once over an open fire.

The girls are great. We've gotten to know each other very well. Sharon has stuck with us, though I believe that it may just be out of no where else to go. She's generally quite lax as well, and I don't know how to make it so that she pulls her weight around the house. But, we all feel we have been knit into some sort of family.

The females are having fun, definitely. As the only guy, they've each had there turn to fall for temptation, especially in this sometimes hopeless atmosphere. I don't know what to think about this, but I have been slacking in my chaste, moral attitude.

I think it might be healthy for the group as a whole, you know? Its not like we have anything fun to do. The only thing non-informative on television is channel four, composing of reruns that loop every six hours, with constant intermissions for news, and advice on survival.

Needless to say, my relationships with all of the women has kept the ladies very occupied, and there is plenty of intrigue for everyone. Dramas keep looping over and over. Tayva considers herself my girl, while Karol is fighting for first place. Karol is hindered by thoughts about her boyfriend. Angelina has made a quick dash into competition, after a sum of two hours making out in the basement in only the last two days. How does she entice me so?

I don't know what to make of it. I definitely don't want to mess around with Sharon, a 17-year old, though she has done her deal of flirting. I also have the opinion that Karol should wait for her boyfriend before she leaps into something with me. But I like each of them mostly the same, in different ways... but I have no favorite! I've known Tayva longer, but Karol is one heck of a kisser, and Angelina always feels like she needs more love than the others, because she has these fits of depression.

What do I think about Tereal, now?

She's been more active in my dreams, and I've had more time to spend with her, with more time to sleep. Tereal outranks all of the real girls, with a both a body and personality I can't stop thinking about! Plus, I've have had dates with her that far outrival that I've spent with the three women I share the house with... volcanoes, tropical paradises, the Moon, dazzling glass cities, everything my imagination can conjure! But ultimately... she's... nothing. An extremely realistic figment somewhere within my brain.

I have to ignore all of this. I'm sorry for boring any of you, if any of you are reading.

Fortifying the house has been great. We've had plenty of materials. We still have tons of wood in the barn, even after I've reinforced many of the smaller fences. I've also found some metal pipes as well, though I'm not sure what I should use them for. We've punched small holes in certain walls, in foresight that we might be invaded and have to defend ourselves from the inside. In this case, we can have several defensible positions.

I want to build some kind of swinging log trap. It's been bugging me. In my lucid dreams I've experimented with trying to build it, and I think I've found a way. We have a good tree branch overarching the driveway. If someone rams the gate with a car and get's through, a log or some other heavy object could be let go to swing into their path. Cool, eh? Like Starwars. You hoist it up with one rope or cable, using a crank or winch or something. Another rope pulls it to the roof. Secure the 'pull-back' rope, and cut it whenever needed. I could cut a hole through the roof, and hopefully see if I can get the rope down into one of the main rooms. Good for emergencies.

I haven't found anything heavy enough or oblong enough to fit the design! I've made one using a much lighter 'bob', an old fifty-gallon metal milk can I found in the barn. It works! But I need something to do some serious damage, and we've used up all of the furniture for barricades.

An unhinged door? Or maybe, a bookshelf. I'm sitting by a bookshelf we haven't used as I type this on my laptop. Take the books out... fill it with rocks or something heavy. Hmmm... Maybe, I don't know yet.

Hmmm... about the international scene. The Coalition Army (what I like to call 'the Crusaders') headed by the European Union, have not been turned back from the Middle East. They're early successes against the nations nearest to Israel bid too much optimism. They've made small offensives, but they are very entrenched. The Islamic nations are unified now under the unseen 'Mehdi' messiah guy, reports have detailed that all governments in the region have submitted to him. He's been converting as much industry as possible to his war machine, waging a horrible war both open and guerilla. The Coalition Army doesn't know whether to nuke more cities, thus enraging more and more to join the Mehdi in arms instead of submitting, or to just go to town on the Muslims. The Pope and many church leaders are pushing the nuclear option as much as they can, but there are still governments out there...

But they have done atrocious things, or so it is said over the news. They're not following any of the rules of war, concealing weapons, dressing up as civilians, sometimes even in Coalition soldier apparel... they've used chemical warfare and biological warfare unprecedented (though nothing worldy contagious). They believe Allah will make them invincible... what if they release something at a pandemic scale? The world is freaked about this possibility, which is why they are sending more and more soldiers.

Meanwhile, at home, the situation continues to get worse. Terrorism everywhere. The Muslims in the internment camps throughout Europe, a majority relocated for no reason at all, have staged many uprisings and many keep on breaking out. A huge part of the formal soldiers and the eager volunteers are in the Middle East, leaving a population of the weak at home. The draft has been reinstated to at least provide training for new volunteers willing to patrol the streets and keep control.

In the United States, order is coming together once more. Much of the Muslim threat has been extinguished. Open borders from Mexico, however, has released a deluge never before seen. Many soldiers are trying to hold them back, but an estimated millions have already crossed. People are being typecasted once more: if you are Hispanic, you are thrown into an internment camp. The government cannot trust anybody except for wasps. This is causing a huge uproar in itself. Still, the people who got through were those first in line: the zealous, anti-American, anarchist type. Looting and terrorism is huge in the Western United States.

President Kerry is in a fix. He was the one who cut military spending, and sent many soldiers back home. If this happened under Bush, we'd have a lot more soldiers to throw around. Mexico's government has utterly collapsed, as well as many more nations south of the border, all the way to Peru. How does Kerry solve this?

Outside of the West, Africa has been wiped nearly clean of borders. With the darkness, every small conflict in that nations of discontent had erupted into a meltdown. The only real 'country' is now South Africa, who is desperately trying to keep order, while their soldiers are occupying near countries. Outside of that, ethnic and religious strife has kept everyone from thinking straight on that continent.

Have you noticed how the northern nations are doing so well? Their populations are used to long nights in the frigid winter. If it wasn't summer, they probably wouldn't even have looked up. Russia has kept itself very intact, despite Muslim terrorism.

Japan is also doing well, much better than the United States. They had their deal of conflict, but the North Korean fiasco forced the population together. Enjoying victory over their long-time enemy, anarchy has been kept quite calm in that country. Their soldiers are being deployed throughout the Far East region to maintain control.

China is mysteriously quiet. Dealing with Muslims in their own area as well... I assume the giant is considering its options and licking its wounds, undesiring to make movements when it's internal organs are bleeding.

There's a map running around somewhere on the Wikigoogle. Hang on a second.


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What a world.... :P


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