Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wow. It’s 3:00 AM, and I am sorry to report that there is still no light outside.

Things… have happened. Wow. This world is going up in smoke and I’m on the verge of tears. The girls are… completely shaken up. We’re sitting upstairs on the dark in one room, pistols loaded, listening to gunfire in the distance. But we’ll get through this.

Let me tell you what happed.

I slept for thirty minutes and I relaxed in my dreams. I saw the sun. I swam in the ocean, out to an island, where I talked to a friend of mine that I cannot explain. I looked for Tereal in a pool full of bright pink jellyfish, and I remained submerged without breathing gear, until I saw her.

On the beach, we talked. She threw her dark brown hair back occasionally. I like it when she does that. She’s so beautiful, a manifestation of the perfect woman, in my dreams. And yet, with a personality so deep and unique. I discussed the outside world.

“How sad that you must make trips there. Why can’t you just stay?”

“I’d like to, I’d really like to, Tereal.”

“So many bad things are happening in the world; how do you stand up to them, oh brave one?” She made a sarcastic frown, and then laughed, perfect white teeth emerging fantastically from her lush red lips. Her blue eyes, so clear, as if that in itself was a deeper dreamworld I could never escape to.

“How come you’re so perfect? You seem to understand me completely.”

“I am you, Michael.”

"I prefer not to think about that."

I sat there admiring her on the beach, the vanilla sky above giving off a glorious warmth.

“You can’t be me. Your… inner beauty… it just doesn’t exist inside of me.”

“Hmmm, there’s a thought.” She continued to smile flirtaciously.

A got the distinct impression that Tereal was not me, and then I woke up in sweat. It was the most progress I had gotten so far. Usually, when talking with Tereal, my lucid dreams became like an old black and white 1930s movie, with fuzziness everywhere, and film strip errors. Don’t question the subconscious, I guess. Today, there was none of that.

I think I am love with her.

The girls are laughing at me, reading over my shoulder. If only I could take them there, and see the things I have seen. Hmmm…

So I woke up. I talked to Angelina and Karol a bit. They’re very nice people, very interesting people as well. Angelina (and she tells me to write this in), is an intrepid struggling novelist looking to write a book worth published, who studies Creative Writing and Film Studies at Davis, and has a summer job as a restaurant waitress. Karol wants to note that she is intrepid as well; she is at college studying Ecology and Community Sciences.

We talked about our theories, mainly. Aliens? Natural phenomenon? God? Supernatural? It didn’t go anywhere, and we made a decision not to debate over what this darkness is. We need to focus our efforts elsewhere. Karol talked about her boyfriend, and has been trying to call him ever since. He just vanished, I guess. Not a good thing. We talked about our friends and stuff we have done recently at work or study. Is that important any more? I don’t know. It’s important to stay human and have conversations like these, however. If only I could get some better jokes…

President Kerry made a broadcast to the nation at 7:10 PM. Scientists reported that the phenomenon was indeed a material of an unknown substance. He announced that designs were being made for some under-wraps military-grade high-energy lasers to be built in cities across the United States, that could be put together in a short of amount of time. It would be the first experiment of many to try and affect the barrier. A list of cities went by on a bar by the screen. It seems that these people are to be evacuated, for scientific occupation until the Darkness would end. Some more technical hoo-hah went by the screen. I guess each of the cities were close to a nuclear power plant. High-energy, I guess. Good stuff.

Then he said for many areas to expect blackouts due to the knockout of many of these nuclear power plants. There wasn’t any nuclear energy being utilized near Folsom, California, though: I don’t think I have to be worried.

President Kerry is a good guy. He didn’t know he would face this crisis, and he was doing the best he could. But still, he’s not an individual that an entire terrified nation could look up to. It could take a while for these lasers to be up, and until then, the world might collapse. I cannot hope to guess the economical depression following this thing.

The girls and I had a fun time making fruit salad. It’s cool being the only guy there. Both of them consider me as a ‘big brother’ kind of figure, which is why they came over to my place. I don’t mind taking that position. I wish I had more of my friends here. It is easier to cope with this disaster when you have other people to be with, especially two hot females.

I called my family, and gave them a rap about how to prepare their house for rioting. It seemed that they were safe. They’re down in Gilbert, Arizona, and right now I wished they were closer. I hope they don’t have water problems.

I barricaded more windows. I tore up an old shelf to use for wood. I heard glass breaking nearby: there are people out there that are taking advantage of the situation. My neighborhood was not safe. I kept the hammer blows soft, hoping that I wouldn’t attract attention. I hate boarding up windows; I always have the feeling that someone is going to break through right as I’m patching it up. It’s been dark for so long… I have Karol to hold a pistol while I’m doing this; I need it to keep my paranoia at safe levels.

Later, inside the red truck, a baseball bat on the next seat over; I had let Angelina and Karol keep the pistol with them, in their Pontiac. We needed gasoline. Rolling up at 8:00 PM, things went better than I had thought. The privates checked our IDs, and we got a few gallons of gas more than what we were to spend for the roundtrip. Not a comfortable amount, but we got what we could. Maybe I could check the neighbors for gas…

I got back home with the girls, safely. We were all happy. We switched on the

And someone is coming up to our front door. GTG>


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